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Wednesday, 1-Jan-2020 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Welcome to Adopt a pet website!


I've decided to stop updating this fotopage as Fotopages is really difficult to use nowadays, frequent downtime, unable to upload photos, email updates not working, etc.
Please find the continuation of our effort here:

Thanks for dropping by our website. The following fotopages are dedicated to all the pets and their masters. The majority of posts here are related to rehoming pets and publicising events specially for our little friends (and some not so little ones!)

Please feel free to forward our link to interested parties and do leave a comment or two behind.
Suggestions are most welcomed!


Update - 18 January 2011
Disabled comments due to regular spam; please visit the new website above and send me a PM if you need to contact me directly; thanks!

Thursday, 4-Jun-2009 01:47 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Puppies for adoption -urgent

Dear Friends

These are rescued puppies from Port Klang and they are now being boarded in a clinic in Kota Kemuning Shah Alam .

They need to go to good and loving homes . If you know anyone who is interested please forward this email to them.

Here are the details of the puppies

1) Jasper & Conrad
2) Connor
3) Poh Poh
4) Daisy
5) Daisy & Connor

There are 3 males & 2 females for adoption. All have been vaccinated and dewormed and they are very active.. For more information or viewing please contact the undersigned .

Thanks for making a difference for our furry friends.

016 209 3155

Tuesday, 17-Mar-2009 09:21 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Missing Dog Scooter..Jack Russel Terrier

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My JRT ( named scooter) has gone missing on January 24th 2009 Saturday morning from my house at ss2/53, guess shall be in the midnite or early morning as when i woke up at 8 am, the gate fence has been bitten and he ran away from the hole.

He has undergone a bone operation on his back right leg hence he needs supercare all the moment. He has to go for regular check up as there is a metal plate inserted inside his right back leg. Pls help if anyone sees a little short leg JRT that is hanging around, you may contact me at 012-2822503,Alex or email me at

My jrt is short coat and the patch at his head are equal brown on both sides and middle is in white colour. His tail is fully brown in colour.He is just wearing a choke chain and he just around 1 and half years old. He is staying with my other ROTT dog and they grow up together, cant live without each other as they used to it.

PLS help. A reward shall be given.

~~cHeN NinG~~

Thursday, 4-Dec-2008 00:44 Email | Share | | Bookmark
FW: URGENT: relocation and adoption for 8 puppies + mother

PICT0331 %28 Res
PICT0378 Resiz
PICT0371%28 Resi
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-----Original Message-----
From: Au Eching (DiGi - Central) [mailto:ECHING@DIGI.COM.MY]
Sent: Wednesday, December 03, 2008 07:17
To: undisclosed-recipients
Subject: RE: URGENT: relocation and adoption for 8 puppies + mother
Dear Friends
Please help ann nee to rehome these doggies. They really a good home.
Kindly contact Ann Nee directly at 016-3719171 or email her at
Thanks for helping our furry friends
016 2093155
From: ann nee lim []
Sent: Wednesday, December 03, 2008 3:42 PM
To: Au Eching (DiGi - Central)
Subject: Fwd: URGENT: relocation and adoption for 8 puppies + mother
Hi Eching,
This is an email we send out to all our contacts, Davina & me.
Hoping to help get these puppies adopted.
I have personally speak to a vet. She said the puppies are able to take puppy food (soaked biscuit) since they have tooth now.
At the site you last visited, has more construction works now. Tractors day in & out, I have no choice to fence up part of the area.
Luckily the owner didn't mind. However, the puppies are able to wonder around and so is dangerous.
Is difficult to keep them there as some nasty workers bully them in the unclosed area.
We were thinking to seek :
1) A temporary home to make sure that we get all 8 puppies AND their mother out of this hellhole, while we seek new homes for them.
2) Potential adopters, once the puppies are fully weaned and no longer rely on their mother's milk. This will be January 2009 onwards.
Sadly, if we have no choice, advise gaven to us is to send them to PAWS now.
We have no idea what we should do.
All we can do is spreading the words thru email & posted note on other internet sources.
I am still sending food everyday to the adult dogs.
The mother dog is eating healthlly so does her puppies.
Can you advise and let me know if you can help this batch of puppies?
ann nee
Davina has offered food and cover vaccination fees.
Please spread the word!
Thank you so much for supporting animal welfare in Malaysia.
Best wishes,
Davina Goh
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Tuesday, 4-Nov-2008 09:29 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Fwd: FW: Cheusi for adoption

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Au Eching (DiGi - Central) <>
Date: Tue, Nov 4, 2008 at 3:29 PM
Subject: FW: Cheusi for adoption
Hi all
Please help to rehome this beautiful dog.
Thanks for helping our furry friends!
Best regards
016 209 3155
-----Original Message-----
From: eching au []
Sent: Tuesday, November 04, 2008 2:34 PM
To:; Au Eching (DiGi - Central)
Subject: Fw: Cheusi for adoption
--- On Wed, 10/29/08, SIEW YEN <> wrote:
> From: SIEW YEN <>
> Subject: Cheusi for adoption
> To:
> Date: Wednesday, October 29, 2008, 11:47 PM Hi everyone,Ping took over
> Cheusi last year from BU. His previous owner was a chef ( so she gets
> to eat variety of food ) but she has no problem with kibbles,in fact
> will eat anything. Previous owner goes jungle trekking most weekends
> and brings Cheusi along. Previous owner lives alone in a terrace
> house. He informed us that Cheusi gets along well with any dog as long
> as they dont hump her or take her toys or play rough. Ping took over
> coz Cheusi must be adopted within that week as owner is moving away,
> and we have not heard from her previous owner since. Cheusi is looking
> better than before. She is spayed. She is easily 30 kg and huge and
> very strong. Looks more handsome than pretty...
> huh... like wearing a tuxedo. She will be 3 years old this
> December.She is a dominant dog but very manja with owner and can
> sometimes be a bit pushy for attention. Prefer a home without dogs,
> cats or small kids. Ok with older children who knows how to handle
> dog...ex pat her gently and not grab her or pull her. Have not bitten
> any small kids before ( as Ping's son is only a toddler when she took
> Cheusi home) only very jealous when kids asks for more attention and
> will push them off, and as she is huge, tends to knock down the child.
> Needs a huge compound for her to run or owner MUST be willing to
> exercise her daily. Also as she is a big dog, I would prefer the new
> owner to send her for training. I would strongly suggest Toh Cheng
> See, a positive pet trainer and also an animal behaviourist. Cheusi
> dont take hard training. She would stare at you if you raise a
> stick... did not attack but just stare. Probably been hit before and
> remembers. With correct training and proper care, she can be a lovely
> dog and jogging partner.Anyone interested to adopt her, please call me
> at 012 5175322.Toh Cheng See can be reached at 0122584315.Molly.
> Hi Molly,
> A little more about her:
> She's a very good guard dog. Very fierce with stangers (such as
> indians, Indonesians, and Bangladeshis)- as when walking in the park.
> But very friendly with people we talk to, even when meeting for the
> first time. She can tell who is a threat and who is not, to us.
> She's not friendly with other dogs. Dominant as you mentioned. She can
> be friendly with male dogs but as soon as we touch the dog, she will
> get jealous and try to snap at the dog.
> She is very strong. Able to pull Mal off his bicycle when the go for
> walks in the park. She likes water so much that she will jump into the
> lake and drag Mal along.
> She loves to be spoilt, like being touched and patted. She loves
> massages, and when you stop she will cling to you or sit on your foot
> for more.
> A bit of caution with children, She likes them but if the child pats
> her too hard, she will act funny. Dont know if she wants to play or
> wants to bite. Hard to tell too.
> She sheds a lot. I think thats a trait of the dalmation.
> The shedding is not that of normal dogs shedding. the fur sticks to
> your clothes and it's hard to get off by simply brushing it. She also
> has some skin problem, like dandruff kind. So she must be bathed at
> least once a week.
> other wise she will be itching all over and shed even more.
> She cant take the heat. I have a fan blowing at her direction on hot
> afternoons. I guess which dog can take heat?
> I feed her once a day, but she still seems hungry for food.
> She loves to eat, anything. Thanks to her previous owner It's
> actually greediness more than hunger I believe. I give her treats
> (big bones to chew) once a week.
> And she also likes to eat plants. She ate my cili padi plants (leaves
> only), serai, and citronella plants.
> So as you can see, Cheusi needs an owner who is a strong man and who
> really likes big dogs. Lots of compound space and walks outside the
> house compound. If she doesnt get that, she will probably find other
> things to eat and do.
> She's will be 3 this December. Hope you can help me.
> Thank you so much..
> Ping
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