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Friday, 20-Jul-2007 07:40 Email | Share | | Bookmark
FW: Help needed Stella and Myra's stolen= Please help to forward

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From: Au Eching (DiGi - Central) [mailto:ECHING@DIGI.COM.MY]
Sent: Friday, July 20, 2007 03:37
To: undisclosed-recipients
Subject: RE: Help needed Stella and Myra's stolen= Please help to forward !
Dear All
Please help to circulate the news.
From: Edward Lee []
Sent: Monday, July 16, 2007 9:37 AM
Subject: FW: Help needed Stella and Myra's stolen
Importance: High
A friend's dogs were stolen. Please spread words around.
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From: Lee May Yee []
Sent: 13 July 2007 20:18
To: Lee May Yee
Cc: Adely Mahyuddin; Jacenta Karolynn Armstrong; Badri;; Edward Lee; Emeilee Nur Freida; evelyn;;; 'Grace Lee';; james;; Masda Dominic Fong; Meem; Mellissa Kobayashi;; Kamal Leong;
Subject: Help needed Stella and Myra's stolen
Importance: High
Lee May Yee/MY/CORP
07/13/2007 05:51 PM
LIPING, Cecilia Law, plloh0, Gavin Gan Li How
"Adely Mahyuddin" <>, "Jacenta Karolynn Armstrong" <>, "Badri" <>, "Edward Lee" <>, "Emeilee Nur Freida" <>, "evelyn" <>, "'Grace Lee'" <>,, "james" <>, "Masda Dominic Fong" <>, "Meem" <>, "Mellissa Kobayashi" <>, "Kamal Leong" <>,, <>
Help needed Stella and Myra's stolen Link <Notes://CIMBMAIL01/482572EB0040F3CD/DABA975B9FB113EB852564B5001283EA/F4CF6EF59CDA29FC48257317002EA255>
Dear All,
Need youe help.
My Husky (adopted by Nadia - Stella) was just stolen from their house. Thieves stole the GSD and Myra......
Please help.... and if you guys have any advise as where and who to talk to etc, please let me know.
Lee May Yee
International Banking & Transaction Services
CIMB Investment Bank Berhad
9th Floor Wisma Amanahraya
Jalan Semantan
Damansara Heights
50490 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 603-2084 8888
Facsimile: 603-2084 1079
07/13/2007 04:32 PM
"Sophia Foo" <>, "Mellissa Kobayashi" <>, "Meem" <>, "Masda Dominic Fong" <>, "Lee May Yee" <>, "Kamal Leong" <>, "james" <>, "Jacenta Karolynn Armstrong" <>, <>, "'Grace Lee'" <>, "evelyn" <>, "Emeilee Nur Freida" <>, "Edward Lee" <>, "Badri" <>, "Adely Mahyuddin" <>
kasut busuk
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Friday, 20-Jul-2007 06:58 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Dogs for adoption - urgent !


There are 2 dogs for adoption and their details are as below:
1) Lucky - mongrel - ( estimated 2 yrs old)
Was found by a good samaritan by the roadside and is believed to have been hit by a car. Nursed back to health and is residing currently at Dr Yeoh's clinic .
Lucky is friendly and loving.
Please contact Dr Yeoh at Tel # 7804 8684 for adoption details
Address SS23 Taman Megah PJ
2) Pommeranian for adoption
Owner is emigrating to USA and the dog needs to go to a good home asap. Dog is approximately 9 yrs old and is a cutie.

Please contact Dr Yeoh at 7804 8684 for more details on adoption .
Address as above
Thanks for making a difference for our furry friends.
PS If you know anyone who would be interested please forward them this email.

Thanks & Kind regards
+6 016 209 3155

Wednesday, 18-Jul-2007 02:21 Email | Share | | Bookmark
APPEAL: Need assistance with Medical Cost

Report by Mazwin (

Dear colleagues

I've got good news and bad news!!

I'm sure you guys have noticed that Feather Duster have been missing for several weeks. Apparently, he met with an accident and his hind leg was broken. Presently, he is in Animal Medical Centre and had an operation a week ago.
Alhamdullillah..... Whitey finally made some progress. Previously, we were contemplating to put her down. With prayers and a little luck, she can now walk a little bit, can pee and poo on her own.

However - there are some bad news! The medical costs (after discount) for Whitey is RM 1519 (3 weeks of medical care including medication) while Feather Duster's costs todate is RM1189 (including operation).

At this point in time the following have contributed to the fund:
- Yoke Lee RM 40
- KS RM100
- Ehsan RM 20

Would appreciate it if you guys could contribute to the fund. I definitely can't afford to pay the expenses alone. So.... please tell who ever the culprit is... kalau nak bunuh kucing or animals make sure the animal betul2 mati!!. Medical costs alone can kill us!! (Sori guys... I'm really pissed off with whoever did this to the cats!!)

So please donate generously!!


Appeal for help:
Hi guys

This is a genuine for financial plea to help 2 cats which have met with an accident and I know this person . Plse contact Rena Chang the pet rescuer at 012 – 305 1815 on how you can donate.

+6 016 209 3155

Sunday, 8-Jul-2007 10:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Foster Mummy here to help! (FAQ)

Got a foster pet but haven’t the slightest clue what’s going on under their fur?

Fostering Fridays’ Foster Mummy is here to help…
One... Puppies and kittens need 3 to 4 small meals a day and meals should be canned food according to age or shredded chicken meat (fish for cats) mixed with rice.
Two... Being young, they may get coughs, colds or diarrhea. DO NOT PANIC!
Three... They must be kept warm and once vaccinated, do not bathe them for at least 10 days
Four... Do not get upset if your foster does not make it… it happens – you’ve tried your best.

But what if...
ONE …the small one is vomiting or has diarrhea?
If it just after de-worming or some other medication, it may be bodily reaction. However, if it prolongs, make sure it is eating and drinking. Otherwise, consult the vet.
TWO …my foster is not eating or drinking?
It may be having wind. If the pup or kitten is already on solids, give ½ a charcoal tablet. If this doesn’t work, force feed with glucose or sugar water or baby food using a syringe. Then consult a vet.
THREE …the little fella has an unusually runny nose?
It may have caught flu. Just refer the animal to a vet for some medication or vaccinations.
FOUR …the pup or kitten I’m fostering isn’t weaned?
You have to bottle feed every 2 to 3 hours, day and night until they are ready for solids. Milk must be puppy formula for pups and kitten formula for kittens. DO NOT give regular milk as they may get very bad diarrhea. After each feeding, remember to massage its genitalia and anus to encourage defecation and to prevent constipation.
FIVE …my foster has bloody and smelly diarrhea?
It may be parvovirus. This is a fatal air borne virus but do not panic. Take it immediately to the vet. If the little animal does not make it, do not get upset and remember to disinfect your home and to refrain from fostering for at least a month.

For more info.:
To view other animals up for adoption at SPCA Selangor,
visit !
SPCA Selangor | Jalan Kerja Ayer Lama, 68000 Ampang Jaya, Selangor | 603-4256 5312/ 42535179 | |

Sunday, 3-Jun-2007 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark

DOG MISSING (SHIHTZU MIX) – BLACK COLOUR MALE. Missing from Taman Melati/TAR College area on 03/06/07. Handsome reward to finder, family misses dog very much. Any info, please contact:
Mr.Singh – 017- 8814525 / Tejinder – 012 - 3995897

hi friends,
have u seen my dog, Casper? he was stolen from my house on June 3rd....have been searching my area,w.maju, spca, dog pound, put up his poster in lrt station n adverstise in paper but so far no news yet...probably he has been sold to some other neighborhood...which is why im sending this email in case u have seen him in ur neighborhood..just hoping and praying someone will ring and return him back...he has been with the family for nearly 7-8 years, we really miss him a lot...pls help to forward to ur frens and keep a lookout..would really appreciate it...thank u very much...


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